Which poker variant is easiest to learn ?

This is very controversial question. To judge which poker game is easiest to learn we must know the basics rules. Once we have a basic understanding of poker variants and poker hand ranking, than we can judge for yourself. All of card games like Texas, Omaha or Stud are classified as poker variants, but each of them has it's own unique set of rules. Poker variants are also classified by betting structure - Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit. Nine of ten available players start playing Texas hold'em game. They are making the right choice. If you playing a lot, you surly enjoy playing all forms of poker. So doesn't matter if you know rules or you try to understand it, you must love poker to be good player. Anybody who don't know nothing about poker should try it. Maybe you are Pro, but you don't know that. How to find out ? Take free $50 bonus . No need to deposit to play !!